5 Games That Deserved a Sequel But Didn't Get One

Here's 5 games that I think deserved a sequel but were left behind


Sometimes you play a game, absolutely love the experience, and then yearn for a sequel. In some cases, your wishes come true. However, as many veteran gamers know, that doesn’t always happen and your left longing for more.

These games could be an older release that you just picked up only to find out a continuation was never released. Or, a new game that leaves you hanging. We all know the pain.

These five games are some of the most deserving games of sequels, which never came.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Starting this list is an older release: Star Wars Republic Commando. A fantastic first person shooter released in 2005, where you stepped into the shoes of Delta-38, known as “Boss”, the leader of a top tier squad of Clone commandos as they fight the Confederacy droid troops and Geonosians during the Battle of Geonosis. Your squad included Delta-40, known as Fixer, Delta-62, known as Scorch, and Delta-07, known as Sev. All of squad members had distinctive personalities and combat traits making them invaluable to completing your missions.

The game ended on a huge cliffhanger, leaving one of your squad member’s status unknown and the rest of the squad leaving for their next assignment. To this day, fans of the game still ache for a sequel, but seemingly to no avail.

With the influx of new Star Wars games, we can only hope a new Republic Commando game is just over the horizon.

For now, get yourself some bacta to deal with the heartache.

LA Noire

A personal favourite of mine, LA Noire was released in 2011 by Rockstar and featured the brilliant, yet flawed, LAPD detective Cole Phelps.

The game followed Phelps as he progressed from beat cop, to revered famous detective, to disgraced detective looking to restore his reputation. The game made use of a revolutionary, at the time, piece of technology which recorded the facial movements of the actors and placed their facial animations onto the models of the huge star-studded cast encountered during the game.

The game received favourable reviews and amassed a cult following which still swear by the game to this day, yours truly included.

A possible sequel was rumoured and teased throughout the early 2010’s. A remaster was released for next gen consoles in 2017, but no new information or teasers for a sequel have been issued.

“Phelps, badge twelve-forty-seven. I need an update on a sequel to LA Noire”.

Sleeping Dogs

Another apparent cult classic. Sleeping Dogs was United Front Games’ Hong Kong undercover cop/triad/martial arts beat ‘em up, published by Square Enix in 2012. The game followed Wei Shen, a Hong Kong native returning from living in the US and joining with the local Triad gang, the Sun On Yee, comprised of people from his youth. It is revealed early in the game that Wei is actually an undercover cop working for the Hong Kong Police and must decide where his loyalties lie. Both between the Police and the Triads, and within the Triad gang itself.

Sleeping Dogs received the remaster treatment, which was released for PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2014.

Unfortunately, a planned sequel, which was already being worked on and had a story planned, was cancelled in late 2013. It was rumoured that the sequel would be more ambitious than the original. Even the spin off, known as Triad Wars, was cancelled in late 2015.

Sleep well, Sleeping Dogs. We hardly knew ye.

God Hand

Ah, God Hand, a fantastic but niche beat ‘em up which was not appreciated at the time. God Hand was developed by Clover Studio and published by Capcom in 2006. This game pulled no punches, pun intended, and presented an incredibly addictive but brutally difficult combat experience.

The game followed Gene, a macho, cocky, but righteous fighter who possesses one of the titular “god hands” after he lost his original right arm in a fight with bandits. Olivia, a guardian of the god hands, affixes the god hand as a replacement and coerces Gene to defeat the Four Devas as payment for his new arm.

The game was not well received at launch and was the last game developed by Clover Studio. However, since then the game has garnered a cult following and is now considered a fully-fledged cult classic.

Yet another game where a dedicated following yearns for a continuation but, as of the time of this list, no news of a remake/remaster or sequel has arisen.

Let’s just hope we can see Gene roundhouse kick bandits into the sun again soon.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

A game which certainly has the following, sales numbers, and desire to make a sequel by the developers. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was Platinum Games’ entry in the Metal Gear franchises. Metal Gear Rising focuses on Raiden and features a drastically different combat system to its Metal Gear Solid contemporaries, being a hack and slash game as opposed to the stealth infiltration gameplay of the Solid games.

Many of the developers who worked on God Hand moved to Platinum Games after Clover Studio shut its doors, subsequently working on Metal Gear Rising.

A sequel to Metal Gear Rising was teased and rumoured for many years. However, with the departure of Kojima Productions from Konami, as well as the current state of the Metal Gear franchise after the release of Metal Gear Survive, it is unlikely we will see a sequel to this deserving game.

Rest in peace, Metal Gear Rising. You and your amazing soundtrack will always be remembered.